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Software for creating Web of Tales Edit

All software used for creating Web of Tales is freeware, and where available also open source. This is a list of programs that were used for the different parts of the game.

Programming Edit

All game-sources are written in the C++ programming language.

Linux Edit

This will be the first distribution of the game. Sources are written using the IDE Code::Blocks and compiled with [ GCC].

Mac/OSX Edit

Yet to be developed.


MingW and Bloodsheds DevC++ IDE has been used for compiling. Originally all code was made with the Microsoft API DirectDraw. Obviously it was not a good choice because it would become difficult to port to other platforms. The Allegro library was considered, and some other graphics libraries, for audio also FMOD was tested. Finally Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL) was chosen to handle both graphics, audio and networking and it has worked above expectations so far.

For the gameserver and startup application all GUI is made using wxWidgets, however because FLTK is more in the line with what the game needs (fast and light), it will eventually replace wxWidgets.

Graphics Edit

Since all graphics is made pixel for pixel, there hasn't been any need for advanced graphics software like the GIMP. Many free pixelart applications has been tried, and the best that was found is GraphicsGale Free Edition. Some PNG-images has been transformed with PNGGauntlet.

Audio Edit

It has been difficult to find good free audiosoftware for making music, so far no music has been made for the game. Though SDL Mixer easily can implement audio when there is enough to play.

One open source solution has presented itself though, and it looks great! Psycle. So, after some investigation, eventually there will come music and sounds also.

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