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There are many kinds of skills that characters can learn. All skills are categorized into three areas; Combat, Communication and General.

Using Skills Edit

Skills are used in two ways, one way is randomly and the other logically. Randomly successfull skills test against a random generated number, while logically successful skills test against a logically difficulty value. The method of using skills is made to simulate traditional pen-and-paper roleplaying games, and therefore Web of Tales roll dice for every skill action.

Randomly Successful Skills Edit

This is the mathematics of using randomly successful skills in the game. The skill-level is in the range 0-10. A random number in the range 0-999 is rolled. The random number is first checked against the fumbletable, and if less than fumble value the character fumbles, giving the result -1. Otherwise the random number is looked up in the chancetable resulting in a number between 0-10, that is called "result". This means that the higher the random number is the better the result.

If the skill doesn't fumble, then the next step is checking difficulty. A difficulty value of 0-10 is generated that is called "difficulty", in some cases by rolling against another skill, for instance in melee combat, and in other cases the difficulty is dependant on the environment, ie. ranged combat. The difficulty value is the subtracted from the result value, generating a value of -10-10 (minus ten to ten). If it is 0+ (zero or more) then the skill has succeeded and this value is called "success". The success value shows hom well the skill has succeeded.

Logically Successful Skills Edit

These skills are usually passive and does not require the player to use the skill. They always succeed unless the difficulty is too high.

Combat Skills Edit

In battle there are different skills to inflict damage, and to block, evade or soak damage. Mainly the skills can be grouped into three areas; Melee, Ranged and Magic.

Melee Skills Edit

When fighting in melee combat, both combatants kan inflict damage on each other. This is hand to hand combat with weapons, shields and armor, brutally smashing each other into a bloody mess. Totally barbaric and very entertaining unless you actually have to be one of the poor creatures experiencing this.

  1. The attacker has a combat attackskill, ie. Dagger or Spear. A skillchance value is rolled, this is the attackvalue.
  2. If the opponent is not ready the defencevalue is 0, otherwise the opponent has a chance to block, which follows the same procedure as for the attack, resulting in a defencevalue of -1-10. A defencevalue of -1 means fumble, that takes double time to recover from, otherwise half time.
  3. The attackvalue is matched against the defencevalue, and if equals or higher the attack has penetrated the opponents defence.
  4. With a successfull attack, the damage is rolled and armorvalue subtracted, and if the result is above zero then the opponent has taken damage, and HP is reduced. Number of damagerolls and damage is calculated as:
number of open ended damagerolls = attackvalue - defencevalue + damageattributevalue + weapondamage
damage = result of open ended damagerolls - opponent's armorvalue

Communication Skills Edit

Communication skills are used in dialog, to motivate or manipulate an NPC or monster.

General Skills Edit

General skills are used to create items, or to perform some kind of work, or possess som kind of knowledge. The rouge's skill can be picking pockets, and the bard's skill is to entertain with tales and music. There are three kinds of general skills; Craft, Lore and Magic.

Craft Skills Edit

Craft skills are used to make items.

Lore Skills Edit

Lore skills are skills that is some kind of knowledge. These skills can be learned from books.

General Magick Skills Edit

These magic skills are used in a relaxed environment, they often require special ingredients, or timely rituals and invocations.

Skill Tables Edit

Fumble Table Chance Table
The random generated value of 0-999 is tested against the risk to fumble, if less it is a fumble. As you can se, all skill-levels has a risk of fumble except level 10 that is considered eternally perfect. The random generated value between 0-999 is looked up in the table. It results in a value of 0-10.
Skill Level Risk in promille to fumble Random number Chance value
0 150 0-299 0
1 100 300-499 1
2 75 500-649 2
3 50 650-749 3
4 25 750-829 4
5 15 830-889 5
6 7 890-934 6
7 5 935-964 7
8 3 965-984 8
9 1 985-994 9
10 0 995-999 10

t eThe Character
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