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Theory behind the race concept Edit

There are som ideas behind the race concept, and what races there are and how they have come to exist in this game.

Creationism Edit

When characters in the game may become so powerful that they turn into gods, there must be some being way beyond that is so powerful that it's able to create worlds and life?

Convergent Evolution Edit

We have to assume there is some kind of universal cosmic force that shape worlds and creatures in a certain way, like a law of nature. This way a stone that lies in a river will become shaped round and smooth by the water. In extreme climates animals tend to develop a similar appearance because that shape is the most efficient form for that type of climate. Also, in every ecological system on earth, there are minor differences but mostly the same type of roles appear everywhere, and the role of the creature will form its shape. This is called "convergent evolution".

Same Races in all Worlds Edit

In the worlds of Web of Tales, the same or very similar races appear, and that may raise some questions to why this can be possible? There are two theories here that combine very well. First is the theory of convergent evolution explained above, and secondly most races over time develop ways of travelling through dimension portals, either magically, spiritually, technologically or other unknown ways.

Different Species Edit

There are five kingdoms of which species has evolved; plants, fungi, and animals. In the worlds of fantasy the plant and mushroom kingdoms has evolved into creatures that can move, with sense organs, and consciousness, and that can interact with its surroundings. The fourth kingdom is that of mineral, there exist sentient crystals and rocks, and a fifth is that of spirit and energy. These kindoms relate to the five elements: spirit (ethereal beings), fire (animals), air (plants), water (fungi), and earth (mineral).

Many times plants, mushrooms and minerals become animated, they develop a spirit like the nymphs of ancient greek mythology, and eventually their spirit has taken physical shape making it possible for it to leave their plantform, or mushroom- or mineral- form. These races are magical and still inherit the nature of that kingdom from where it evolved.

All playable characters are humanoids, but from different kingdoms and with different appearances. The human shape is natures reply to the best shape of a species that can create technology and build civilizations. The Forces of Chaos has influenced nature in an infinite variety of species and the Forces of Law has through the law of the survival of the fittest sorted out only the most prominent creatures that has survived the test of time, millions and billions of years. They have found the perfect shape for surviving in their environment and function in the ecological system where it live.

Spirits have found a home in animals and plants, fungi and rocks so that they have become conscius. All races evolved from apes, or animals with the ecological function of an ape making them look and behave like apes, are human. So, humanity in all worlds are related to apes. The human race may have different colors of skin or different cultures in different worlds, but are still very apelike in appearance and behaviour. From birds have evolved avian races. These are the types of races there are that other races has evolved from:

  1. Amphibian - Races evolved from amphibians, like frogs and toads.
  2. Avian - Races evolved from birds.
  3. Chaotic - Races evolved from pure Chaos.
  4. Daemonian - Races evolved in spiritual dimensions.
  5. Elemental - Races evolved from specific elements.
  6. Ethereal - Races evolved from pure spirit.
  7. Fungian - Races evolved from mushrooms and fungi.
  8. Herbarian - Races evolved from plants.
  9. Insectan - Races evoled from insects.
  10. Lapidian - Races evolved from minerals, crystals and stones.
  11. Mammalian - Races evolved from mammals, like humans.
  12. Piscian - Races evolved from fish species.
  13. Reptilian - Races evolved from reptiles, like the dragons.

Playable Races Edit

These are the races characters can incarnate as. There will come more and more races all the time, and they will be collected from mythologies from all around the world. These races also are interpretations of the original mythological creatures, not identical, but similar and with their names borrowed (Fortunately, most mythologies are public domain).

  1. Alf
  2. Cainite
  3. Daimon
  4. Djinn
  5. Duerg
  6. Ifrit
  7. Liche
  8. Ljosalf
  9. Marid
  10. Moroi
  11. Nephilim
  12. Sethian
  13. Strigoi
  14. Svartalf
  15. Thurs
  16. Varcolac

Regarding Racism Edit

This is a computergame revolving around fantasyworlds with mythical beings. There are many mythologies that have been a source of inspiration for this game, and none of them are considered to be more or less good than the other, they are simply, or perhaps not simply, a source of inspiration for this game. As such, demons are as entertaining as angels, evil creatures are as entertaining as good, or perhaps more entertaining. Personally, I love all the fantastic mythological stories that can be found in all the corners of the world, from all peoples around the world. Let's all become one universal enlightened people with infinate variations in thought and appearance. That is my goal with this game.

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