Type: Mammalian
Synonym: Demi Angel
Mythology: Hebrew

Nephilim are the giants, the half breed of humans and angels. This race is quite powerful, so the requiremants and cost is a bit higher.

Previous Race CainiteDIV 14Spirit 6Fire 4Air 3Water 4Earth 3
PRE +4 POW +2 PER +4 AGI +2 CON +3 MIN +4 BOD +4 ATK - DEF - HP +10 LP +10 SP +10
Female Wool Dress, Wool Hoses, Leather Shoes, Wool Cloak, Dagger
Male Wool Tunic, Wool Hoses, Leather Shoes, Wool Cloak, Dagger

t ePlayable races in the game Web of Tales
Articles are listed by type of race.
Daemonian DaimonDjinnIfritMarid
Ethereal LicheMoroiStrigoiVarcolac
Herbarian AlfLjosalfSvartalf
Lapidian DuergThurs
Mammalian CainiteNephilimSethian

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