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This wiki is directed towards informing of all there is to know on the online game Web of Tales. You may find everything from how to install the game to character generation and gameplay and all details in between.

Release Edit

No date has been set for release, it will be in the near future though because most of the basic features are ready and there's no point delaying until the game is absolutely complete, that for sure it will never be. What needs to be done previous to release are these functions:


Web of Tales client running

  1. First of all a patchfunction to download the latest files. It's not so much work with that, it simply is a must because development will come so quickliy that any client or server that isn't up-to-date will simply not work within a few days unless updated.
  2. Cities should have visitable buildings like taverns and inns, workshops, markets, garrison, city hall, etc. These buildings should have real functions, like talking with NPCs, retrieving quests, buying, repairing and selling items and so forth, and characters will each have a personal home.
  3. Quests are most important of all, but only a basic quest-function will be expected for the first version, and then later on more and more advanced quests will be added over time.
  4. Ships are an important part of the game, because it is a way for characters to travel between continents and cities. Without ships a character could get stuck on a small island, so ships must be created.

When this is done, there is no reason for Web of Tales not to be released, though not as version 1.0 which will have all planned functionality and no bugs. Also, check the TODO page for other things that has to be done.

As of now the code is released at googlecode for anyone to download and compile. However, all code is at alphastage as of yet.

Free as in Complete Freedom Edit

The Web of Tales game is and always will be free and without premium content. Of course, anyone may be able to, and incouraged to, invest some of their money into game development as donations, but there will not be any banners or other financial poison to move the minds of the players into anything but hopefully a great experience. Donors will get some kind of emblem attached to their character in the game as a thanks, to show their good will, but in gameterms nothing else. Therefore, the game is free to download and install and play and all levels of the game is available to all players, if they can get there.

Server running1

Web of Tales server running

What about Open source? Edit

Yes, it is open source. The project is placed at Google Code.

Developers Edit

All developers with interest and good intent are most welcome to join the community and contribute with whatever they can and want. Mostly pixel graphics artists are needed, because there is so much graphical work to be done. Everything from gametesting to writing quests to game system development is appreciated though. As much as possible of everything concerning the game will be documented in the wiki so that developers always can see what needs to be done. The forum is also a good place to discuss development. Of course, as with donors, contributors and developers will get some emblem attached to their character as well, as a thanks and to show their good will.

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