These Items exist so far in the game Edit

Item Name Slot Type of Item Material Quality Durability Weight Attributes Description
Wool Tunic Chest Armor Wool Common 20 1kg Armor +1 Typical tunic, worn by most commoners.
Wool Dress Chest Armor Wool Common 20 2kg Armor +1 Typical dress, worn by most common women.
Wool Hoses Legs Armor Wool Common 20 1kg Armor +1 Typical hoses, worn by most commoners.
Leather Shoes Feet Armor Leather Common 20 0.5kg - Typical shoes, worn by most commoners.
Wool Gugel Head Armor Wool Common 20 0.5kg Armor +1 Typical hat, worn by most commoners.
Wool Cloak Back Armor Wool Common 20 3kg Armor +1 Typical cloak, worn by most commoners.
Dagger Right Hand Melee Weapon Steel Common 20 0.2kg Damage +2 A normal dagger used mostly as a tool in everyday life, though sometimes as a weapon.

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