Installing Web of Tales Edit

This game has been made to run on as many computer setups as possible, on as many platforms as possible. Therefore external open source software has been chosen to display graphics and for graphical user interface (GUI) for the Web of Tales game application. For graphical display Simple Directmedia Layer (SDL) has been selected, and for GUI, at the moment wxWidgets is used, though other alternatives are under consideration.

Windows Edit

To install the Web of Tales game client and server on windows, simply download the installer, run and follow the instructions. You can also download a zip-file containing the game-files, unzip and place wherever you want it. Start the application, either from the shortcut on the desktop, or the startmenu or by executing the WebOfTales.exe file. A patch-routine will check for the latest patches, it will do so every time you start the game so that it's always up-to-date.

Linux Edit


Macintosh Edit


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