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Home is where your treasure lies Edit

Home is where your character rests and replenish strength. All characters starts the game with a personal home, in a village or city. This is your character's home, and no one else's, and here you can store items and treasure, if you dare. You might get robbed by some thief unless you know how to hide your treasure or have a safe, which would require some skill or at least the money to buy the safe.

Save your Character Edit

It is also where you will save all that you have done during your game session. If you do not go to your home before exiting the game none of what you've done simply won't be saved until next time you play. This is a specific decision of gamedesign, your character could be saved anywhere without trouble technically, if your client dies the server could simply save the character data from where you are. However, it could become a bad habit to skip whenever things go bad by simply closing the client and relogin to continue where you left off.

No escaping death Edit

If you skip in a battle by closing the client, not only will your character die and lose all items and skills, but will also not save any of the gained XP from this session, everything gained during this session will be lost. So it is better to die in battle than to skip battle and die anyway.

Rebirth and Home Edit

When your character reincarnate, there will be a new home waiting. All items in the last home will be given to family or sold to pay for the funeral, or whatever you can imagine. In game it will simply be lost and deleted. There is a way to save items from the previous life, either by giving them to a friend, or to hide them with the hide skill. If you hide items, under a plank in the floor for instance, to remember where you hid them you have to go to a seer who will make you remember parts of your previous life.

t eThe Character
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