Usually in rollplaying games dice are used for randomness, and to continue this tradition also Web of Tales use dice for randomness when using skills.

1d1000 Edit

The skillchance roll uses a 1d1000 roll, this is done with rolling 3d10 but the program simply generates a random number of 0-999.

Open Ended Rolls Edit

In open ended rolls, if the maximum value comes up this value minus one is added plus an extra dice, ie. rolling 4 on 1d4 adds 3+1d4. This potentially can result in very high rolls, simulating the odd chance of hitting a weak spot, like an eye or a glitch in the armor, though the average result is very even. Web of Tales always uses open ended 1d4 rolls. For each 32-bit random generated number 10d4 rolls can be extracted, so this algorithm is fast enough. Statistics based on 1.000.000 open ended dicerolls generated this table. It shows an aproximated average for different dicerolls.

Dice roll Avererage sum Highest number of dices Highest sum
1d4 3 10 30
2d4 6 13 35
3d4 9 16 44
4d4 12 18 49
5d4 15 20 56
6d4 18 23 64
7d4 21 24 67
8d4 24 27 73
9d4 27 29 76
10d4 30 28 78

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