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The character is the basis of all roleplaying games (RPG), it is through the experiences and actions of the character that the RPG take place. The Web of Tales game intend on making the character rich in variation, perhaps not so much at creation of the character, though much more later on in the game when the character advance in level to eventually become a deity in the pantheon of "The Web of Tales".

Incarnation Edit

When the character is created or when it dies it will incarnate to a new body. If it dies it will lose all items and all skills associated with the previous incarnation. There are ways to keep skills over incarnations that involves investing Divinity. However, the spirit of the character is gender and raceless so it can incarnate to any gender and race each time. The spirit will keep level-XP, and therefore levels and divinity and all that has been bound by divinity, including skills and elements.

Races Edit

There are many races a player can chose from. Most are not available at first because they require some Divinity to invest, others require that the character has lived an incarnation as another race previously. Some races also require certain conditions to be present, for instance, to incarnate to a vampire the character has so become infected by another vampire, then die, and then choose to incarnate as a vampire. Some races are much more powerful than other, these therefore cost more Divinity to unlock their availability.

Concepts Edit

The character is in gameterms built of several categories that are explained roughly here and more in detail on each individual page. Some concepts that also concern the character are listed here:


A Web of Tales Character

Category Description
Experience (XP) Experience or XP is a system of points the character gain while effectively using skills and performing various activities like solving quests.
Levels While gaining XP the character will raise level, which is a measure of how spiritually developed the character is.
Divinity (DIV) Divinity shows how divine a character is, which is to say how far a character has come on becoming a god. For each level a character gains five points of divinity. These points are more invested than spent, they cannot be lost, and sometimes they can be reinvested, for instance during reincarnation.
Elements One of the aspects of divinity is the elements, which could be explained as the matter of which the spirit is made. By investing divinity into one or more elements the characters soul becomes stronger and this reflects in the areas related to that element in both the mind and body.
Attributes Attr
Skills Skills
Items Items
Quests Quests
Teams Teams
Guilds Guilds

Creating A Character Edit

Weboftales game

The Web of Tales Game

When you start the game, the first thing you need to do is creating a character. After you login to the Web of Tales application you will see a button named "Create Character". Press this button and a dialog appears where you can write the name of your character, as in life where many persons can share the same name so can characters here too, so you can choose any name you like for your character. If you don't have any ideas for a name you can simply let yourself get inspired by the random name generator, simply press the "Generate Random Name" as many times you like until you find a name you want, and you can of course modify it to fit your taste. When you're done, press OK. Your character is created, however it is empty.

Select your character's name in the character-list, chose a gameserver you want to connect to (if there is none available or if you want to play locally you can run your own gameserver) and start the client by pressing the "Start Client" button. The client will open a new window and log on to the server. Now an incarnation-dialog will be visible.

Incarnation dialog

Incarnation Dialog

Playing your Character Edit

It is much easier to advance in level within a team of other players. You can join a team or create your own.

t eThe Character
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