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The avatar is physical appearance of the character, the body in which the character lives its life. In the game the avatar is a set of images that are drawn on top of each other to make all characters look individual and show what clothes and items they are wearing.

There are 10 layers the avatar consist of, they are:

  1. Skin, this is the naked body.
  2. Hair, every character has its own hairstyle. For some races this layer also have different ears, horns, or other racial traits.
  3. Face, the face of the character can have different sizes of noses, colours of eyes and have facial hair, like beard.
  4. Chest, what the character is wearing on its chest, shirt, tunic, dress etc.
  5. Legs, what the character is wearing on its legs, hoses, trousers ets.
  6. Feet, shoes, boots.
  7. Head, hats and hoods.
  8. Back, cloaks, capes.
  9. Right Hand, could be a weapon or a shield.
  10. Left Hand, could be a weapon or a shield.

For some races and characters there may also later come an eleventh layer for wings.

Not all layers are drawn, for instance if a character doesn't wear something on its back, the back layer is not drawn.

Pixel Artists Edit

Pixel artists are very welcome to help with the graphics for the game. All graphics is made by hand, and saved in the 8-bit png format. The software used for painting is the freeware version of Graphics Gale that has great support for layers, palettes and in fact all functions that have been needed so far. Here are some notes artists should keep to.

  • Keep colours to a minimum, usually no more than four nouances of the same colour are needed.
  • Stick to the same style of painting as the rest of the graphics in the game.

Not all graphics will get approved, if it doesn¨t live up to the standards of the game, you as an artist will be asked to redo the graphics until it does. If your graphics is so good it makes all other graphics look bad, you will be asked to remake all graphics and set a new standard.

t eThe Character
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