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There are three types of attributes, the five major attributes, the dividing attributes, and the minor attributes.

Major Attributes Edit

The five major attributes; Presence (PRE), Power (POW), Perception (PER), Agility (AGI), and Constitution (CON), relate to the five elements; Spirit, Fire, Air, Water and Earth. They are influenced by the two dividing attributes; Mind (MIN) and Body (BOD). These does actually split every of the major attribute into two separate in game mechanics.

Character dialog

Character Dialog

The major attributes are seen as a whole and are both mental and physical. So, for example, the attribute POW (that relate to Fire) can be seen mentally as willstrength, but it can also be seen as physical strength. The idea behind this is that mind and body are intimately related. A child with a strong willpower will also train the body to become physically strong. There are of course individuals that are more mentally oriented, and also those who are more physical. This is expressed with the attributes MIN and BOD. So, an individual with high MIN and POW values will develop a strong willpower, but if the BOD value is low will not exercise the body enough to gain a physical strength. If that person later deside to train the body, the strong willpower will also raise the physical strength with ease.

Presence Edit

Presence is the personality of the character, what makes this person individual. It is the opinions and values, not so much intellectuall but instead what is behind those intellectual properties.

The mental aspect of Presence is awareness, intuition, and consciousness. This is the ability of psychic people, and it is the ability to be in the present, to be aware of what is happening. High awareness is as important in social relations as it is in combat. Presence is also the ability to influence people around.

The physical aspect of Presence is appearance, this is usually very different from race to race, but generally an individual that is very self-aware is often considered beautiful because that person takes care of his or her appearance. What makes a person attractive to others is that persons posture, body language, voice, glances. Someone who is very aware will appear beautiful also.

Power Edit

Power is force and energy, power is what makes things change, to move. Power though is useless without direction, without direction it will simply vaporize into nothingness. The individual power, the power over the self is the ability to direct the inner force to make things happen according to the will.

The mental aspect of Power is will, willpower, the strength of the mind. Will is that which a person uses who really whats something done. Will is wanting, though not just wanting but also doing it and not giving up until it is so, exactly the way the will demands.

The physical aspect of Power is strength, the strength of the body, the will of the body, the power of the muscles. The strength of the body and the muscles does not necessary have to do with the size of the muscles, there are different kinds of strength. The strength to lift a heavy rock is more that of Constitution. The strength of Power is that explosive strength that smashes the rock into gravel with pure aggressive force of the will.

One way to strengthen the Power is to practice martial arts.

Perception Edit

Perception is the ability to perceive and to analyze. The physical senses may perceive some object, but the real perception is to understand what object it is and how to relate to it. The senses has developed through evolution to enhance the chances of survival, for an animal so see a potential predator is vital for survival, but what is more important is to understand the difference between a predator and something else, and this is how perception has developed into intelligence.

The mental aspect of Perception is intelligence and intellect, because these are the mental senses that are used to visualize, to analize to organize structures of understanding of what the physical senses has perceived. Perception is also the ability to fantasize, to be innovative and constructive, to find sollutions, or rather, to see sollutions with that inner eye, this is what perception is.

The physical aspect of perception are the Senses; sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell and even pain that tells something is hurt.

Perception is strongly connected to Presence, because presence needs to know what goes on around and only the perception can tell this, so there is a constant dialog between presence and perception, some call it the self and the ego, others call it the conscious and the mind.

Agility Edit

The mental aspect of Agility is charisma and empathy, the ability mental agility, to be agile with the mind and understand how others feel and think, and therefore to relate to them emotionally and socially. The agile mind is like water.

The physical aspect of Agility is dexterity and quickness, to move effortlesly and with speed. The Agility body can easily twist its limbs. The agile body is like that of a cat.

An agile mind will develop an agile body, while stiff emotions develop a stiff body, this is the relation of mind and body for the Agility attribute. Because body and mind is one, training the body to become flexible will also open emotions to become more flexible too. Some ways to become more agile is to practice yoga for example, or dance or martial arts.

Constitution Edit

The mental aspect of Constitution is stability and focus, inner peace and emotional calmness. This is the kind of mental ability that is build with meditation, and through meditation the mind will not move unless it wants to. The Constitution mind is like a rock, it takes a huge amount of energy to move it, and once it moves it will not stop for anything. Once the Constitution mind has pointed out a direction it will move there no matter what.

The physical aspect of Constitution is a body that can take a beating, it is the kind of body that doesn't yield for pain and can do hard work for a long time. The Constitution body rarely becomes ill, and when it does it barely notice anyway. Hitting the Constitution body in a fight feels like punching into a brick wall. The Constitution body is like that of an ox.

A Constitution mind that never give up and work day by day in a resloute manner will develop a heavy and hard body. On the other hand, the hard bodywork day by day will develop a mind that is resolute and focused. One way to build the Constitution is to practice bodybuilding.

Dividing Attributes, Mind and Body Edit

Like the five major attributes relate to the five elements, these two attributes that relate to the polarity of nature; the abstract and the concrete, or in oriental philosophy; the yin and the yang.

Mind Edit

Body Edit

Minor Attributes Edit

The minor attributes are products of the other attributes combined with the level of the character. They are calculated this way:

Minor Attribute Formula
Attack (ATK) Race Bonus + LVL + Fibonacci(1 + PER.body) + Fibonacci(1 + AGI) + Fibonacci(1 + PRE.mind + POW) + (Fire+1)/2
Defence (DEF) Race Bonus + LVL + Fibonacci(1 + PER.body) + Fibonacci(1 + PRE.mind + AGI) + (Water+1)/2
Health Points (HP) Race Bonus + LVL*3 + Fibonacci(2 + CON.mind + CON.body)
Magic Points (MP) Race Bonus + LVL*3 + Fibonacci(2 + PRE.mind + PER.mind)
Stamina Points (SP) Race Bonus + LVL*3 + Fibonacci(2 + POW.mind + CON.body)

Attack Edit

Abbreviated ATK. This attribute is only used in melee combat with the attack-skill. It is considered to be the ability to make damage with the body's natural resources, and is a combination of perception (to see an open or weak spot in the opponents defence), agility (to be agile enough to attack in right moment for maximum damage), and strength (to have enough force to make damage). After a successful melee-skill-roll agains an opponent, the attackpoint is matched against the opponents defencepoint and the result is the basic damage. To this damage is added weapondamage and skill-effect-damage. With more experience the character become more aware and learn how to inflict more damage, therefore the character-level increase the attack-attribute.

Defence Edit

Abbreviated DEF.The defence-attribute is the natural ability to avoid getting hit and to minimize the damage taken when hit. It's the combination of perception (to see the opponents movements), agility (to be flexible and quick enough to dodge the attack), and constitution (to have enough stamina and toughness to take the hit). This attribute is only used in melee combat. With more experience the character become more aware and learn how to avoid damage, therefore the character-level increase the defence-attribute. Some monsters have a natural armor, or very thick skin that will enhance this value also.

Health Points Edit

Magic Points Edit

Stamina Points Edit

Raising Attributes Edit

The attributes can only be raised by raising elements and with magic. Every second point in each element will give one point in the corresponding minor attribute, and the next element point will then give one point to the corresponding major attribute in this order:

Element Minor Attribute Major Attribute
Spirit - PRE

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